Hi, I'm Joe

Growing up in rural Wisconsin, I have naturally always been looking for my next travel opportunity. During college in Chicago I studied abroad and took other chances to get overseas when I could. However, toward the end of school my focus shifted toward getting my CPA and finding a 'secure, & respectable' big boy job. 

I passed my CPA and got my dream job at the Cubical Farm. I worked 9-5, enjoyed my weekends, and saved my vacation days. Finally, I took my first 2 week vacation of my professional career and went to Thailand. I had a huge wake up call. I realized that I hadn't been prioritizing the right things. 

So I shifted gears, quit my job, and moved to Prague to teach English. Right now the plan is.... no plan. 

This website includes photography and posts from all my favorite adventure. Every article or picture here will always be something directly from me. 

Hopefully there is something here that is interesting or helpful for you. If not, I hope it gives you something to read while you sit at your desk job.